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Far too often the government makes rules, mandates, and regulation based on big business and which lobbyist can deliver the win, not what's best for the people they are supposed to serve. Let's change that by starting our own private network of organizations that are there to better our friends and neighbors.

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Would a Private Association be right for me?

Are you looking for additional freedoms in your farm or value-added business? Maybe you are tired of mandates, the unfair playing field, or the multiple licenses that the government likes to require.



Freedom of Education

Maybe you want to educate your children in complete freedom without government interference or oversight.

Are you a health educator who is prevented from serving people because of the FDA and other government agencies stranglehold on what you can and can't say?

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Your Guide

Michael Kilpatrick

Michael is a home-grown food fanatic, farmer, educator, Thriving Farmer Podcast host, and Thriving Farmer Summits host - helping farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses. His farm is a 508 C 1a non-profit private membership association so he can help nourish and heal his community. Learn more about how Growing Farmers can help you grow your farm business and nourish your community.